50 Years of History: Construction of the Berlin Wall Video Footage

Even though the wall has been torn down, the rich history of the Berlin Wall still stands. View news footage and Berlin Wall video clips of the construction of the Berlin Wall that began August 13, 1961.

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The German Democratic Republic (GDR) believed that West Germany had not been de-Nazified, so they referred the Berlin Wall as the “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart.” Not knowing the wall would prevent all emigration, 3.5 million East Germans crossed into West Berlin believing they could travel back and forth from West to East Germany.

Construction of the wall began June 15 and the East German army began to close the border the morning of Sunday, August 13, 1961. Chain fences, walls and minefields were installed along the wall. See a clip of the treacherous territory that many people braved to cross for their freedom.

There were roughly 5,000 attempted escapes over the wall and around 200 people were killed during their escape. On December 17, 1963 the wall was opened for the first time allowing West Berliners to visit East Berliners for a two-week period during the Christmas holiday.

The wall continued to stand for more than 20 years until its fall on November 9, 1989. View Berlin Wall footage of the expansion that stretched to the Reichstag building.

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