Content Submission

Desired Content Categories

At Thought Equity Motion, we are always looking to add fresh, dynamic footage to the world’s largest footage library. We seek to add creative content with unique people, places, themes, and concepts as well as ‘moment-in-time’ content that captures important archival or editorial moments.

  • If you are a current Thought Equity Motion partner, please see details on submitting content below.
  • If you are not yet a Thought Equity Motion partner but you are interested in submitting content, please review our Potential Partner Inquiries page.

Submitting Content

If you are a Thought Equity Motion partner already, getting started on your next submission is easy. We’ve added a new tool to get content into distribution faster and with more control for you, the partner. This new tool utilizes an FTP workflow and has a  number of benefits:

Content Gets Live and Public Faster
Content upload speed is in your hands with an automated process that allows content gets into distribution faster.

Control Over Submissions
Our new ingest tool utilizes FTP (file transfer protocol)  so you can control the timing and size of each individual submission and increase the overall volume of content that can go into Thought Equity Motion distribution channels.

Easier-To-Use  Metadata Template
The new metadata template has built-in instructions and features some fields with drop-down options. Metadata is more accurate and allows your content to be easily searchable.

How do you get started?

View our content ingest the submission guidelines and access the current metadata template here.