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Prepare Metadata for Your Content

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Viewing Your Ingested Content

Prepare Metadata for Your Content

Why do some values auto-populate?
Values auto-populate for some metadata fields because we anticipate that batches will have similar attributes. For example, we may auto-populate the metadata field that shows what the media was shot on (ex. XDCAM). If you need to individually manipulate the value, you can use the drop down in each cell.

I only have Numbers for Mac so how do I work with the metadata sheet?
In some cases, you can work with a binary version of the Excel template. Please request this binary version from your Thought Equity Account Representative.

Do I have to populate a value for every metadata field?
No. Fill in the metadata that you have access to. You can always add more metadata to each clip using the T3 Platform but it is best to supply as much metadata upfront as possible.

Upload your Metadata and Content

My FTP username and password have expired after 120 days, how do I get a new username and password?
Please contact your Thought Equity Account Representative for a new username and password.

My connection timed out during FTP upload. Do I need to start over?
If your connection times out or is disrupted for any reason, your FTP client should automatically restart and start uploading from the place it stopped. Make sure you refresh the file and folder list to make sure that new files are being fully uploaded.

I received an e-mail that my submission errored. What does the error mean and how do I fix it?


Possible Reasons for Error


File ‘’ cannot be found

Misspelling/mismatching capitalization/ mismatching characters or missing file extension (.mov) in either the footage asset name OR the metadata for the asset

Rename the metadata or rename the footage asset and make certain they match. This is case sensitive.

There was metadata listed for a footage asset that was not included on the FTP

Upload the missing asset to the FTP and retry.

Too many periods (.) in file extension (example:

Rename the Filenames so that the only period is before the file extension (example:

File ‘’ is not a valid QuickTime file (cannot be read by QuickTime).

File did not completely upload to FTP or file is corrupt. Delete the incomplete file from FTP directory and try upload again.

File’ has unsupported frame size: 960×540

Thought Equity does not support the frame size of the file

Remove the footage asset and associated metadata line from the submission OR convert to a supported frame size.

Some assets have illegal names

The Filenames for the footage assets contain illegal characters like # or $. The names must be A-Z, 0-9 and , and _

Rename the Filenames without illegal characters.

Some assets do not have a ‘Description’

The metadata requires a ‘Description’.

Please populate the metadata sheet with ‘Description’.

Incorrect spreadsheet version. Please update to the current version.

You are using an outdated version of the metadata spreadsheet.

Please use current version of the metadata spreadsheett.

More than 1000 assets.

Your submission has more than the allowed 1,000 lines of metadata and footage assets.

Remove extra metadata lines and footage assets and retry.

Contains an error field like #REF! or #ERROR! Something has happened to the calculations in the spreadsheet, and an error has been introduced. The most common reason for this is that a cell referenced by a formula was deleted. Find the cell(s) with the reference error in it (it may be in one of the hidden columns), and correct it manual
Multiple suppliers are referenced in this sheet There is an irregular listing in the ‘Owner’
column. It can be a skipped entry.
Unhide the ‘Owner’ column and fix the error.

Viewing Your Ingested Content

I can’t remember my Thought Equity username and password to log into my T3 Library Manager account, how do I retrieve it?
You can retrieve your username and password by submitting your e-mail address to the password reminder. Your username and password will be sent to your e-mail.