Rights and Clearances is a project-by-project discussion. Discuss clearances with your TEM Sales Representative when your project is Advertising, Corporate, or Entertainment, because these uses can trigger clearance requirements. If your project is considered Documentary or Editorial, clearances may not be required depending on the context of use of the content, but an assessment can help confirm whether clearances are required. You should always consult with your own counsel and request a Rights and Clearances Assessment to determine if clearances are necessary.

Below are some commonly asked questions about Rights and Clearances. Can’t find the answer to your question? Contact our Rights and Clearances department at clearance@thoughtequity.com

We are interested in licensing footage that features celebrities for an advertisement, can Thought Equity Motion help?
Yes. Thought Equity Motion has relationships with all the major talent agencies, studios, and estates and we can secure permission for the promotional or commercial use of the likeness of a celebrity or studio footage in your project.

How much will it cost to have Thought Equity Motion evaluate my project to determine if other rights or permissions are required?
Thought Equity Motion’s initial assessment to determine if clearance service or Footage Assurance is recommended is available free of charge.

What clearances services does Thought Equity Motion offer?
Thought Equity Motion can clear celebrities, music, studio movie and television content, famous speeches, and trademarks for use in any project to be distributed in any medium. In addition to managing the research process to help you find the right clips, Thought Equity Motion can also:

  • Manage and organize all negotiations with agents and third parties
  • Manage, negotiate and document all paperwork to secure the rights
  • Assist your creative teams in finding the suitable alternatives for projects that fit various production budgets

What is Footage Assurance and why does Thought Equity Motion offer it?
At times, it may not be possible to identify or locate individuals that are visible in footage you want to use in your project. In these instances, Thought Equity Motion may be able to provide “Footage Assurance,” which gives additional protection to you and your project. If Footage Assurance is available for footage, Thought Equity Motion assumes the risk associated with your use of the footage in your project.

Can I purchase Footage Assurance if individuals or property owners in the footage I want to license can’t be identified or located for clearance?
Generally, we may be able to offer Footage Assurance for footage where it is not possible to locate or contact the parties visible in the footage.