A copyright is granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright law protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, photography, audio-visual works, and other artistic works such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, artwork, and architecture. Thought Equity Motion has the right to license the content on, but there may be other rights (talent, trademark, copyright) existing within the content that require clearances.

  • CLIP CLEARANCE – MOVIES & TELEVISION Movie and television footage licensing involves multiple clearance elements to be reviewed and evaluated including:
    • The copyright owner
    • All performers identifiable in the clip (including stunt actors)
    • Residual payments required to the guild(s) for new use or re-use of the clip for work that was originally created pursuant to a Guild or Union contract such as the Directors Guild of America (DGA), the Writers Guild of America (WGA), or the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)
    • Stunt actors or principal performers may require permission and payment
    • Any music in the clip may require a separate clearance from the music publisher and record company. Additionally, movie studios typically charge a synchronization license and master recording fee for the score from any soundtrack from a film.
  • SPORTS LICENSING, IMAGES & EVENTS Sports footage licensing may involve multiple clearance elements that should be be reviewed and evaluated:
    • Permission from the copyright owner/photographer/videographer/broadcaster
    • Permission for the school trademark of a university or team/organization trademarks (e.g. league offices for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL)
    • Athlete permission required for use of name, likeness, signature or voice
    • A venue (i.e. Super Bowl, Olympics, U.S. Open) may also require permission if the venue/event is being used in a promotional way.
  • PHOTO LICENSING Photo/image licensing involves multiple clearance elements to be reviewed/evaluated/assessed including: the underlying copyright in the image and any people, trademarks, logos, and/or works of art appearing in the photo.