Use Filters to Modify a Search

Customize your search with our powerful filters.  All Thought Equity Motion assets are richly tagged with metadata and we provide you with a variety of tools to modify your search so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. The filter options are located on the left side of the Search Results Page. These tools will allow you to narrow your search by footage type (creative, editorial, commercial, etc.), format (high definition, standard definition, etc.), rights (royalty free and rights managed), specialty (aerials, slow motion, etc.), and more.

1. Filter results

A search can be modified by using the filter options on the left side of the page in the Filter these results section. These filters allow you to drill down into your initial search based on format, footage type, rights and more.


2. Refine Search
Under the filters, there is an option to Refine your search by using suggested keywords. If a keyword from this list is selected, it will be searched for within your search results.


3. Related Searches
Under Refine your search, there are Related Searches. When clicked, these links will launch a new footage search on a related topic.


4. Clear Filters
Once you set filters, they remain with all your searches until you clear them. To clear all filters, select Clear All Filters located in the upper left corner of the Search Results Page.


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