Create and Share Clip Bins

After you find footage that will work for your project, create a Clip Bin and share the clips with others. Clips can be easily organized and shared in a few simple steps.

1.  Select clips and add to My Clips
Click on the “+” icon and the clip will be automatically added to My Clips.

2.  Create and edit clip bins

My Clips can be accessed from My Bins in the upper right of the top navigation menu. You can now organize My Clips into one or more bins.

From My Clips, select all the clips you’d like to move to a new bin by clicking the box after the clip ID. If a clip is selected, a check mark will appear. Within the -Please select- menu, there is an option to Create a new bin and move selected clips into it.


Once created, the new bin will appear under My Bins.


Once a clip is in a bin, you can add comments to individual clips.


You can also add notes to the entire clip bin.


You can remove clips from a bin at any time by clicking the red “X” icon below the individual clip.

3.  Share clip bins

You have the option to email bins by clicking Email this bin located in the Options toolbar to the left of the thumbnails. Enter one or more email addresses and the bin will be sent to the desired contact(s).


For assistance creating and sharing Clip Bins, contact your Thought Equity Motion Sales Representative or call 866.815.6599.