Trade Show Resources

Each year thousands of companies travel to trade shows like CES and NAB to promote their newest technologies. For each of these events thousands of vendors pack into sprawling conference centers and compete for the attention of reporters and consumers. With all the preparation necessary to design booths, develop promotional products and organize staff logistics it is easy for companies to overlook the video presentations that will be displayed on televisions, tablets, computers and smart phones. For many of the event attendees these displays will be the main message they see about the company and they can end up being the difference between someone stopping in or passing by.

Although each company has different needs and strategies when it comes to content for their video presentation, Thought Equity Motion has a variety of professionally shot HD options to ease the production processes.

HD Content - As the industry’s most extensive library of professionally shot HD video we give you access to eye-catching footage from the world’s most renowned media companies.

Movie Clips & Trailers - Our Relationships with leading film studios allow us to source, deliver and clear movie clips and full length trailers.

Short Programs - Fully produced single episodes and full series in a variety of topics including sports, science & technology, history, wildlife, and travel.

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