Search for footage — Narrow your search

Tips to remember:
Type AND between keywords: ex. extreme AND ski
Type NOT between keywords: ex. jaguar NOT car
Type OR between keywords: ex. football OR baseball
Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase: ex: �”black cat”�

  1. Refine your keyword search by clicking one of the buttons located below the Search box: *All—default; includes all clips in your search *RF (Royalty Free)—includes footage that can be used multiple times in multiple projects *RM (Rights Managed)—includes footage with specific licensing guidelines
  2. Click on More options below the Search field to perform a more advanced search.

    A drop box will appear with search options based on the variables listed below:

    • Shot on—origination format
    • Major Collections—top suppliers
    • Footage Type—general category of footage
    • Specialty—unique features

For example, to search for all Royalty Free mountain bike footage in High Definition format:

Published: Jan 30, 2006
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