Create a High-Budget Spot Between Breakfast and Lunch · Monday November 13, 2006

Here is an example of a great spot created completely from pre-shot motion imagery. As you can see, with much of the production work completed, the spot almost puts itself together, so try not to get carried away with all the spare time you’ll have afterwards. View the spot here »

Create a High-Budget Spot Between Breakfast and Lunch
Shot reels complete with establishing shots, multiple camera angles and transition shots offer an ample footage selection for you to custom-tailor the spot for your needs. If you need to test out a few variations first, download the comps so that you can get everything just right.

The footage that goes into the spot is all film-originated and features expert camera motion and great lighting. So, save on the cranes, cameras, film costs and post-production and check out pre-shot options. You might even have time to create another spot this afternoon.

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Font Style Guidelines · Thursday November 9, 2006

Font size, color and spacing for use in collection descriptions.

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Collection Web Banners · Thursday November 9, 2006

Merchandising banners for your website.

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Get Movin' · Friday November 3, 2006

With the ubiquity of broadband, demand for online video is increasing daily. The more video that appears on the Web, the more consumers watch. Why else would YouTube be worth $1.6 billion?

We haven’t seen online advertising catch up with consumers yet. Most online ads are still animated GIFs or Flash-based, but don’t include video, even though studies have shown that video ads can have double-digit response rates.

Desktop editing tools such as Final Cut Pro or AVID and the access to high-value footage make online video ads easier than ever to develop. The time is ripe for creatives to adopt this format and meet the demand of consumers.

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Thought Equity Motion Search Tips · Thursday October 26, 2006

Searching on related keywords can be a helpful way to focus a broad search. If you’re in the concept phase and looking for ideas, similar terms can help you find a specific subject that works well for your project.

For instance, if you know that you’re after a clip with the theme of “reaching new heights,” you might start your search on just “heights.” From the search results, you could choose from shots of tall buildings, mountain peaks, or athletics. All of these demonstrate the same concept, but some will work better for your project than others.

When you click on a clip to see more details, you’ll see a “Search related keywords” box with similar search terms. These terms may spark new ideas or help define your current subject. Selecting one of these terms to expand your search on a specific subject is a great way to get to the ideal clip.

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Jr. Account Manager · Thursday October 19, 2006

Location: Denver, Colorado (LoDo)
Status: Full-time

Job Description

The Jr. Account Manager will have the responsibility of covering the account bases for absent Account Managers, assisting the sales team with prospecting/sales initiatives, and performing general office administration such as invoicing, mailing, and other small tasks. An active interest in learning the business and sales within is a must. This interest will be supported through job shadowing and day-to-day interactions with the other Account Managers. Upon reaching a certain level of experience, the Jr. Account Manager will develop his/her own base managing relationships within his/her assigned territory/customer base, and will be accountable for meeting and surpassing specific sales goals.

This position is not for the "reactive" or "passive", but rather the entrepreneurial and fearless! Transactional vendors need not apply. Creative, clever, inspired, relationship-builders, come’on down! Collaborating alongside a passionate band of Account Managers, Business Development Executives, Film Researchers, and Sales Manager, this individual will truly experience the "Team Selling" dynamic. Any individual that can appreciate the precise details & fundamentals of managing an account, while also having the big-picture vision to strategize for the future growth and development of his/her business, will thrive within a role such as this. In short, the Thought Equity Account Manager position allows an individual the opportunity to play the role of "Producer", "Director", and "Lead"!

Specific responsibilities will include:

Experience and Attributes:


For consideration, please send your resume to ""
or call 303-308-3297.

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Inventory Order Form · Wednesday October 18, 2006

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Channel Product Descriptions · Wednesday October 18, 2006

Approved copy for the Triangle Collection.

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Inventory Order Process · Wednesday October 11, 2006

For those partners who do not have their own system for ordering inventory, Thought Equity Motion has created a simple process and order form for your use. Thought Equity Motion will continue to work on a more streamlined online process in the near future, and we will keep you informed as this develops.

  1. Use order form below

  2. Indicate Order Date

  3. Indicate Ship To information – Name, Company Name, Address, Phone Number & Email

  4. Indicate Shipping Type (i.e. FedEx, UPS, etc.) and Account Number

  5. Indicate any other notes in the Special Instructions section

  6. Indicate Collection Title

  7. Indicate Format desired – NTSC and/or PAL

  8. Indicate Quantity

  9. Mail, Fax or Email order form to Thought Equity

  10. Orders will be completed within fifteen (15) days of receipt

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Thought Equity Logos · Wednesday October 11, 2006

Here are production quality files of our logos. Included are .eps, and gif, files.

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