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Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what television can do for an election

50 years ago the Kennedy-Nixon debates were the first presidential debates to be broadcast on television. This new type of publicity made the candidates familiar faces in the households of Americans and largely contributed to Kennedy’s victory. JFK was elected on November 8th, 1960 and became the image for the modern president in this new television age. The preserved video images continue to keep the Kennedy legacy and mystique alive 50 years later. Below is a look back at footage that won the hearts of Americans.

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1960 primary elections for the presidency

Richard Nixon and John F Kennedy appear on a televised debate

1960 presidential campaign

November 8, 1960: John F Kennedy elected president

January 20, 1961: John F Kennedy sworn in as the 35th President

Author: Kerri Johnson
Published: Nov 4, 04:14 PM
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